Excavator Tracks


I’m glad to introduce my third pattern, this time it is for an excavator. The body (upper part) can rotate on its base and the bucket and booms can be moved, the door can be opened and also tracks are movable. Below there is a video which shows all movements. In order to build this model you will need expert woodworking skills and it will definitely work in your favor if you have experience in making wooden models. Needing these skills should not discourage you as the documentation of this build is very thorough and consists a full scale 2D plan as well as a 3D overview. Additionally, a SketchUp model is made available upon purchase which you can consult using the free to download corresponding software.

IMPORTANT: This excavator build is divided in two patterns. This has been done to enable later extensions. On this page you can only order the tracks pattern. If you want to build the complete excavator you also have to order the body pattern which you can find here.

Size of the complete excavator is approx. 50(L) x 22(W) x 24(H) cm.


NOTE: This plan is provided as a zip file for which a download link will be emailed to you automatically upon payment. Important Details about Plans

In total the set of documents exists of:

  • A YouTube video (See below) of a complete finished model.
  • A YouTube breakdown animation video (See below) of the building process in 3D (made by Ducky)
  • Extensive 2D plans in PDF (15 pages) of the excavator body at full scale (made by Dutchy)
  • Templates from most of the body parts in PDF (4 pages) at full scale (made by Dutchy)
  • 3D component breakdown in PDF (23 pages) (made by Ducky)
  • An original SketchUp model file.  If you want to use this file it is necessary that SketchUp is installed on your computer. You can however make the excavator body without this free extra model file. See also the F.A.Q.

To give you an example of the mentioned documents we offer a free sample download, containing the first three chapters.


Above video is made by Alex Kara