What happens after having placed an order?

Upon payment, you will be able to download your plans immediately. The plans are provided as a zip file (your computer, Mac or PC, already knows how to open zip files) for which a download link will be emailed to you automatically. Some email programs may treat this email as spam, so please check your spam folder if you did not receive the email. If you encounter any problems with the download link or email, feel free to send me an email at: dutchypatterns@gmail.com 

Why PDF?

In my opinion there are more advantages than disadvantages for distributing our plans in PDF. After purchase you will quickly be in possession of the plans and there are no shipping costs. It also makes it possible for me to alter the design if necessary changes are needed and to distribute the updated plans free of charge to all our customers. One of the disadvantages however is that you will have to print the plans yourself.

Why metric?

Mechanical engineering simply isn’t meant to be done with fractional units. In fact, most mechanical engineering work with imperial units is done with decimal inches. But where can you find a tape measure with decimal inches? I have never seen one. In the mean time decimal metric rulers and tape measures are readily available and used all over the world.

That said, inches are just the right size unit when working with buildings and construction lumber, but they just aren’t very good units to use for engineering work where one deals with small distances and lots of calculations.

This answer is taken from Woodgears, with permission from Matthias Wandel.

Can I buy a printed version of the plans?

No, the only way to get the platterns is as a digital PDF, and unfortunately I can’t meet a request for a printed version

How to print the patterns?

The pattern and template PDFs you can download have been fitted onto Letter (8-1/2″ x 11″) paper at a 1:1 scale. This makes it possible to print to either Letter or A4 sized paper. I recommend you to use Acrobat Reader for printing as I have experienced scaling issues with other PDF readers. Make sure to disable Scale to Fit and print at 100% scale for the prints to be exactly the right dimensions. Every template page includes a scale in both metric and imperial units for you to verify that the print has been printed correctly.

Is it necessary to print all the pages?

No it isn’t, however It is recommended to print at least the templates.

Do I have to pay royalty fees on the toys I build?

No you don’t. You may make and sell as many you like without any fee. Selling or giving away the patterns is not allowed. The patterns are only for use of the original buyer.

What machines do I need?

You can make the projects with different woodworking machines, but in my opinion you need at least a saw (I prefer a band saw), a (small) jointer, sanding machine (one type of), a (small) router and a drill press, a lathe can be handy too.

Can I also order a model as shown here?

Unfortunately I have to disappoint you. I only sell the drawings, not the models.